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We capture those tiny hands and feet, with all the detail perfectly in place. This is done either in hospital or within the first few weeks.

Family moments

In this package you can do anything – mom & dad holding hands with the kids, all the siblings together, the privilege of three or more generations in your family, adding a personal touch of photos, engraving plates, special quotes.

Partners for life

Pledging your vows on your Wedding day is such a beautiful moment why not have a creation that illustrates just that.

Fallen Angel

This is a very special package, it is never easy to say goodbye to a loved one. In this package we want to help you remember them by with our castings. Whether it is a little baby or a child, a parent, or grandparent, nothing would make us prouder than to capture this for you.

Package 1:

(Only One Hand and One Foot with a photo and standard engraved plate)

Age Group Price
Newborn – 12 months R990
1 year – 3 years R1200
3 year – 5 years R1500
5 year – 9 years R1700
10 years and older please enquire about the price.

Package 2:

(Two hands and Two feet with a photo and two engraved plates)

Age Group Price
Newborn – 1 year old R1550
1 year – 3 years R1700
3 year – 5 years R1900
5 year – 9 years R2250
10 years and older please enquire about the price.

Package 3:

(Both feet OR Both hands with an engraved plate)

Age Group Price
Newborn – 1 year old R850
1 year – 3 years R1050
3 year – 5 years R1200
5 year – 9 years R1550
10 years and older please enquire about the price.

Package 4:

Precious One:  This package is only available for newborns – 6 months old. It’s the tiny hand or foot in an elegant glass bowl with a stand. A small reminder and perfect as a gift for someone.

Age Group Price
Newborn – 6 months R550

Package 5:

Family Packages: (The FUN Package)

Anything can happen in this package, and the price will be determined by the number of family members, age groups and how many moulds we have to make

Fallen Angel:

This is my special package for someone that is saying goodbye to a loved one. Either a still born baby, a child, a parent or grandparent. You can choose any from the above packages and a special discount will be added from my side.

Gift Vouchers:

This is a perfect gift for someone special to you. It can be for a Baby Shower, as a Wedding gift, treating the Family or friend gift.

Travel cost:

Please note that travel costs will be added to the package depending on your location. This will be discussed in the booking

Extra add on option:

You can choose to add anything to any of the above packages. The best is to discuss this in the booking. Some ideas might be laser wording, a special pair of shoes that were given at birth, the hospital band. – just to name a few

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