Terms and Conditions:

Although I strive to deliver a perfect memory for you, it is not always possible to predict how our very tiny and special clients will be on the day. For this reason all the moulds are being done at the risk of not having the perfect mould.

 I will try to do my best and take as much time as needed to get the best mould, but because I cannot see the movement inside the mould, it might not come out as perfect as we would hope for. In your package one extra mould is included. But if after that we still do not get a good mould you will have the option of either booking another appointment for a small fee, or we can make the best of the ones we did get and a discount will be applied, but this will only be in some cassis and be discussed with you on the day. Once the final product has been delivered we will not take any responsibility for any damages that may occur there after.. I will gladly assist if I can. It is your responsibility to protect the frame and make sure it is securely hanged on the wall or placed in the house.